Online Booking Cancellation Policy - If an online booking results in a no-show or a cancellation within 24 hours, the guest will be responsible for up to a 50% charge of the booked service(s).

Child Safety Policy - To protect the safety of the children, Spoleti Salon requires all children to be accompanied by an adult at the salon. In the event that the child becomes a disturbance during the appointment, Spoleti Salon will ask for an additional adult to come supervise or pick-up the child. These precautions are in place to protect the children from harm and to avoid  damages to salon property and/or equipment which the parent could be liable for.

Service Policy - Spoleti Salon is committed to providing excellent hair services. In the event that you are unsatisfied with your service, we offer a 2-week guarantee period for correctional work. Once the 2-week period has passed, Spoleti Salon may or may not provide certain correctional services.

Communication Policy - Spoleti Salon offers a front desk coordinator to manage appointments and to answer all questions. All communication regarding appointments, corrections, and questions should be made with the front desk staff otherwise Spoleti Salon may or may not be responsible for that appointment and/or information.